About Smart Concrete

Concrete is not just a material to build skyscrapers. Concrete Design creates new opportunities for modern interior furnishing. But why use concrete?


Most people want to live individually, but what does it mean today? Before the industrial revolution, it was common to have unique furnishings.

But today, most furnishings are mass products. We do not appreciate them much, because they are replaceable at any time by exact copies.


Smart Concrete designs are little unique products. They will bring back a bit of the lost individuality.

Do not lose the view for the essentials in life - a nice and individual home.

Smart Concrete Logo


Clear structures and attractive shapes in contrast to our complicated world. Smart Concrete represents purist design in an industrial look, made in Germany.


Concrete's qualities render every item unique. Be different and live a bit more individually, this idea drives Smart Concrete.



We are living in a world of plastic. Plastic bags, kitchen appliances, computer, automotive parts and even our food is boxed in plastic.


Concrete is mainly known for building construction, but it is also a fascinating and versatile crafting material. It is simple and robust. Products made of concrete have a special haptics and esthetics.

Handmade in Germany

Smart Concrete is based in Berlin, the capital of Germany. All concrete pruducts can be shipped duty free in the whole European Union. The Online Shop is also available in English on www.etsy.com.


If you like more information or do you have any questions, feel free to contact me.